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Don't be Limited

- Music, film and photos
- Unlimited space & length
- iOS, Android & Web
    So, what do you like?
    So, what do you like?

    Music, film & photography in one place

    Clowdy is completely unique. It’s the most creative online community where music, film & photography flourish together, all without restrictive upload policies. Don’t be limited.

    Get your head in the Clowds

    Clowdy is a place for music

    Where better to discover and share some of the best independent music than on Clowdy, where we have no restrictive upload limits.

    Perfect for musicians looking to house their music videos and gig photos in the same place as their music, or simply for fans of great music, Clowdy is the place for it all.

    Share your music tastes with others on Clowdy in our creative community, or with your friends on your own social networks.

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    • As much space as you need
    • Unlimited track length
    • As many tracks as you want

    Clowdy is a place for film

    Discover the greatest independent films & filmmakers amongst a community of like-minded film fans. From animation to emotive shorts, we have it all.

    We have a plethora of talented filmmakers for you to find. Everyone is free to upload and promote their films to Clowdy, with no limits on uploads.

    Share your favourite short films with your followers on Clowdy, or friends and fans on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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    • As much space as you need
    • High Definition
    • Unlimited video length

    Clowdy is a place for photography

    Clowdy also caters perfectly for the aspiring and experienced photographer alike.

    Harness our creative community to give exposure to your portfolio, whilst using Clowdy’s unlimited upload limits. Be part of the most creative online community.

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    • High quality images
    • Unlimited space
    • As many images as you want

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      Make sure you stay connected wherever you go with instant access to hundreds of Clowds.

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      Play your Lists wherever you are, whenever you like.

      Create as many Lists as you like. You can even mix and match audio and video Clowd types in the same List.

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      Instantly access and control what you're playing from wherever you are in the app.

      Load your own lists, or hit play from any Clowd on your home screen to make a playlist of everything in your feed. Enjoy!

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